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I found myself some Inari!!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m total foodie. Not in the sense that I only eat the most expensive stuff but I love food, everything from the very cheap, to the very expensive. It should either be an explosion of tastes, of very good quality (made with love and effort), or just something that quite simply tastes different. I’ve also been lucky enough to’ve been born into a family that’s travelled to and lived in many many countries, which means I’ve been exposed to a variety of tastes and many that aren’t easily accessible wherever one goes. To give a few examples: Indonesian peanut sauce (works with absolutely everything) and “French” crêpes (but with Nutella, banana or strawberry, and cheese!), an Indian snack that I have no clue what the name of is).

Anyway, Inari (?) is one of those hard-to-find-but-so-very-scrumptious foods that I’ve been searching far and wide for, after getting a taste of it when living in Nepal. I found a store in sthlm that sold (but could never find it again), and now again, 10 years I found a place here in Malmö that also sells it. I was almost happy that my hubby was going to be go e for night, so I could fully enjoy them without any comments or opinions from someone else! The best part? The store that sells it is only a few blocks away from my new home, and that place stocks almost everything I love from East Asia. (Yes, I know, it’s possible to get Inari as a sushi-topping, but that’s not the way I ate them that first time so it doesn’t quiet to do it for me!)


Funny how food can have such a special meaning.


New place, awesome friends

Wow, I hadn’t realised how long my last post was. Because I write my blogposts using my phone, I don’t really get a feel for how much I’m writing! There’s more to be said as well (I guess there’s a reason for why I want to write a book about it), but since I was going to try and avoid writing super long posts like the last one I am, as you’ve surely noticed, trying to divide it up as best as possible, and in my own speed, meaning that the explanations and descriptions won’t come right after one another. So, you can breath out because I’m way too worn out today to talk deep.

Why you ask? Because we’ve finally moved to our new apartment! Whatever training I missed out because of my being sick, I think I regained during the move. By the time we went to bed our feet were killing us and our legs were weak. As I told B, being on our feet almost all day like we did, reminded me of the days I worked as a waitress, and how good it felt to come home and put the pressure of my feet. Nowadays B and I both have office jobs, so our feet are just not used to it anymore.

Today, my shoulders also feel like I’ve had the most effective training one can ask for, but we had awesome help yesterday. As my brother-in-law said, that was the quickest and most effective move I’ve ever been part off, despite it this time being between two different cities (1,5h to load, 1,5h to unload). In fact, I think that because it went to quickly, everybody even stayed behind to help us put all the furniture back together. I absolutely love and adore my friends and family as of yesterday.


Day 2 in San Francisco

Finally here! It’s only taken us about 4 years of promising Daniel that we would. At the risk of sounding like a hippie speaking of auras and I don’t know what, I could *feel* that I would like this place. The same way that I *felt* that I would like the apartment we eventually signed a contract for in Malmö, before we had even seen the place. I just felt it on the way there.

So, so tired.

As soon as there are plans after work, it becomes a late evening, but today it was for a good reason for sure, because today we signed the contract for the apartment in Malmö. As Björn describes it:

“Känns bra, kommer verkligen närmre både kontinenten, och större delen av de uppdrag som jag blivit erbjuden. Samt Maina slipper att pendla 3h om dagen, det ska bli riktigt skönt för henne! Lägenheten ligger på 5:e våningen med fönster åt både soluppgång och solnedgång, kan inte bli bättre! Det är ett hus som har kvar det mesta från när det byggdes på 50-talet och enligt förvaltaren har endast 3 av 100 lägenheter renoverats sedan dess. På gott och ont? Vem vet, vår lägenhet var i alla fall i gott skick”.

So the plan now? Get as much done at work as possible before the trip to San Francisco (with both friday and monday being a national holiday), two family get-togethers, two weeks in SF, my dad coming and leaving again after spending the night, me going off to a two-day conference, my dad returning, another family dinner, and then three weeks of packing before we move. At least I won’t be twiddling my thumbs while I impatiently wait to move into the new apartment!

content and almost manic

Strange how it can go months without me meeting any friends and feeling like I have none, to all of a sudden having hade an evening with friends playing rockband, had a “fika” with a friend just this weekend, fika with a colleague I’ve just gotten to know after work yesterday (and planning to have a double date with each other one of the coming weeks before my vacation), and going on a double date next week to go bowling, and trying to find the time to fika with another colleague before my vacation (we’ve been trying since summer, but this is the first time we’ve made a “due date” to it), and finally, in three weeks we’re off to San Francisco to meet an old friend from my high school days.

When we get back it’s not exactly going to let up either, because my dad’s coming by a couple of days after we’re back in Sweden to drop off his stuff before going off on a 4-day bicycle trip in Denmark, while I go off to a day day seminar. The first weekend after the trip my dad will spend the weekend with us, and I’m guessing that we then will also take the chance to gather both Björns family for dinner while he’s here.

Puh, I’m getting tired just thinking of it, and all the work I have to take care off right before and after the vacation and everything else going on! Honetly though, everything just feels so good right now. A little bit on the manic side, so can’t get too excited. but none the less, life is good!

Now I just need to get over this constant feeling of being tired. Considering that I think that I’m feeling this way thanks to the tablets that I’m now taking, I doubt it will get better though, especially considering I’m supposed to double my dose starting tomorrow (and then two times more within a month). I think, that if I notice myself getting even more tired when I now double it, I’m going to bring it up with my doctor.

Actually just talking about it got me in the mood to go running… Hmm…