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It’s quite a remarkable feeling to feel so at ease with everything. I’ll tell you one thing; being as bipolar or emotionally unstable (whichever one it is) as I am (seemingly unlike most bipolar people I also hate being manic, not just depressed), these periods of peaceful existence, just don’t come around often enough, and when they do, the appreciation I have to having them once a while is indescribable.



Met my psych. A couple of days ago and we both agree that I in fact most probably have borderline personality disorder (BPD), or also known as emotionally unstable disorder. But, because jumping between diagnoses is never a good idea, we’re first going to see this diagnosis of being bipolar through before moving on to the next, which means that we’ve upped the dosage.

Apparently, dialectic behaviour therapy is the way to go with BPD, and apparently there have been cases where people get completely cured of BPD thanks that form of therapy. If that is true I’m really hoping that that’s what I have even though I don’t really enjoy the thought of going through therapy.