My dad asked me once if I thought of what I had as a sickness. What my book was supposed to be about and what this blog now will be about, is my attempt at answering that, and to explain how I’ve handled my own version of bi-polar type II. I say my own version, because this is not me attempting to convince you that my way is the only or even the best way to deal with it, but maybe this blog can give a clue as to what what you can do for yourself (if you are bipolar), or what it’s like to be bipolar (if you’re not, but curious about it).

Do I, since I want to write for others, consider myself “cured”? No, and I’m not sure I want to be. Sometimes I long to be “normal”, in the sense that I can allow myself to be happy without wondering if I’m about to have a hypomanic episode, but then again, as my husband says: “Life sure isn’t boring with you around”, and that might be one way of looking at it.


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