Quite remarkable how a tiny conversation with a stranger about nothing, can pull out of overwhelming darkness to a state more tolerable and manageable. Proves to show what a difference a friendly face can make. I guess that’s why it’s always been so important for me to try to smile and friendly, no matter how I feel inside. More often than not it makes my days more tolerable (ever notice how the action can influence the mood, just as the mood can influence ones actions?), and one never knows what the person one meets is going through so maybe, just maybe, an extra smile has made their day more tolerable as well. I think it’s one of the reasons for why I usually like talking to strangers. We have no prior knowledge of each other, so it makes it easier to, for a moment, pretend.

This time however, I wasn’t quite ready for happiness, so yet again I’ve disappointed myself by not being able to just be constant in my mood. Strange that. Not feeling quite so dark, and being annoyed about it, but disappointment isn’t a very good feeling either.


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