What’s being manic to you?

I’ve found a difficulty with having a mood journal like iMoodJournal. I mean the layout is perfect, it’s easy to use, and because it only takes a few seconds to do, there’s no excuse to not quickly tap what mood one is in. (With the moods in descending order being: insanely great, great, very good, good, okay, so-so, meh, bad, very bad, couldn’t be worse).

But here’s my problem: I never get to the point of being insanely great, I can feel insane, or great, but never the two together. What I call manic is feeling tense all over like (as I described yesterday) I’m about to jump out of seat at any moment), my heart is about to beat out of my chest/feeling an enormous tension in my chest, speedy talking, shakes, and not being able to think straight because my brain is on high drive. It’s not exactly a great feeling. As a result, I’m never manic (according to iMoodJournal that is).

And maybe I’m not. All I know is that I’m feeling very tense and constrained. Like I need to do something and everything is possible. And it’s not a nice feeling because of all the above mentioned symptoms.

These are the times I need to meditate.


2 thoughts on “What’s being manic to you?

  1. I tried that iMood journal for about 30 minutes. It made me manic 🙂 No, but seriously sometimes I find that constantly monitoring my moods sucks me to much into myself and I get obsessed about it. I just want to live!

    1. I’m not planning on doing it always, but maybe for a month, so I can follow it and learn my own behaviour. My perception of intensity and time is so unreliable, as is my memory. Also, I wouldn’t call the constant mood changes living. I want to learn, so I can understand it better, so I can hopefully handle it better, so that i can start living.

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