Think I figures out why I now and then plan so much. As soon as I get stuck in front of the computer watching movies and series, or boorishly clicking from one link to another, life just gets obviously boring and once there, it’s hella hard to get myself out of that inanimate state of mind. I guess that I, like with everything else, don’t really know how to find a middle ground of being relaxed without getting numb sitting in front of the computer, or going overboard with things that in the end leaves me badly in need of some down time. Sounds simple maybe (just read a book instead of sitting in front of the computer, take a walk) but for some reason it just isn’t.

Maybe it’s like an addiction that makes it hard to enjoy other things unless distracted, and therefor “just” takes persistence in staying away from the source of addiction. To continue in that metaphor I guess I’m just constantly relapsing). The only way to not relapse is to stay away right? Since staying away from the computer isn’t really an option in this day and age (especially regarding the book and the project with friends, both of which need access to Internet and Word), I guess I have yet another thing I need to start scheduling in as valid “comp time” and then only away from home… I guess I got some planning to do tomorrow.


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