the key is to schedule

I have truly reached the stage of effectiveness. I’m writing more than one post in one go, because I have so many thoughts about the matter, meaning that I have more than one post ready for posting. It also means that I’ve gotten things done, and finally started on the projects that I’ve been thinking about during the so called “resting period” and I’ve scheduled in how I’m going to have time for these. Pity that I know that this period won’t last, so in a few weeks I’ll either just dismiss the plans and blame it on how bored I am of the routine, or just feel like there’s no point. Who know what the reason will be, but I’m being effective now, and just like all the other times, I feel like this time I’ve figured out a way to make it all work. If nothing else, I’ve at least gotten a little further along all my plans before the next dip. I just hope it takes a little more than a week until then (lately it seems I have one week of effectivity and a few weeks ineffectively, so they’re not really balancing each other out, but one can always hope!

The things that’ve been going on in the background and which I now can actually put some of my attention towards: starting a refugee home with a couple of friends, attempting to build on a concept that exists in San Francisco (possibly trying to franchise it, we’ll see what the maker of the concept says about it), continuing with my book, doing an online course on public speaking, start reading something (alternating between fiction with non fiction as I finish them. at least that’s the plan), finding out if I can finish up my masters, and researching the possibilities of starting my own company as a consultant.

I think I’m manic.

Good thing I’ve made a routine, or I’d get really stressed out and attempt to do all of this at once (man I wish I didn’t have a job I have to go to during these periods).


4 thoughts on “the key is to schedule

  1. I’m bipolar and I rely heavily on the schedule post function. I’l write several posts a day for a few days in a row and then spin off into some kind of funk or intense fascination with an alternate activity. If I didn’t schedule posts it would probably drive my followers batty.

    1. Guess I’m still trying to figure out what a working schedule for the blogging (and anything else) could be. As I wrote, I just get bored with it after a while and forget about it. Need a sense of responsibility that makes me stick to it which I just don’t have right now. (Maybe if I get more followers? šŸ˜‰)

      1. I try to write something every morning when I drink coffee. It may or may not turn into a post, but usually it does. Posting often does seem to garner more followers, because people want their fix šŸ™‚

      2. Mm, I had the habit to write on the buss on my way to work, which worked for awhile, but it takes me an hour to write and the trip takes 20 min. And the rest of the day I’m busy getting distracted/procrastinating! Hah. All excuses, I know, but I’ll figure something out eventually. šŸ˜€

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