Another change is needed

I’m starting to think that I talk to much. Well, actually, I already knew that, and made an effort to correct that, but it seems I’ve forgotten that little piece of knowledge. Or rather, I have to get better at not having to try to dive into a conversation with everyone that comments on my blog or twitter. I do this because I’m curious and I love discussing and analysing everything together with someone else, because I feel that that’s the best way to learn and understand, but I’m starting to think that people just get bored or feel like the discussion is going around in circles. I dunno how to find a balance here…


5 thoughts on “Another change is needed

  1. I totally understand where you’re coming from! And talking to much is never a problema especially if it’s analising and learning that may be a really big talent of yours! So don’t ditch it! I’ll always listen to you if you wanna chat(:

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