Starting to get a little frustrated by how many things I have to stay away from, either because of my stomach issues, or because of my brain issues. No lactose or foods with a lot of fibers for the former. No coffe or alcohol for the latter. On top if that I know that most everything I do will effect my moods somehow so I enter some kind of extreme behaviour. Am I feeling stressed for no apparent reason? Breath, relax, because I’m about to get manic. Am I not in the mood to do anything? Have patience, and leave the hubby alone cause I’m about to get depressed. Always be aware of what mood I’m in and don’t forget the pills.


It might be strange. But just once I would like to go to sleep late and wake up super tired and get some coffee to wake myself up without me going all hypo at work. Yes, coffee is no good for the body, but considering how much stuff I feel like I constantly have to think about, it would be nice, to once in a while (not often mind you), just get a hot cup of coffee on my way to work.

One can always dream.


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