I’m in the process of looking for work (the present job is just a temp job) and it’s demoralising. Not just because it sucks to look for work, but because with this present job, I’ve entered a very specific clique, with a very specific way of working. It’s been the perfect both according to my interests and for my bipolarity, and I’m not sure what I want to do now, or how to achieve it. I studied the wrong thing so the job I have now was pretty much the only job I can imagine doing within the degree that I have. So I find myself stuck between taking a job like waitressing (rather that than being a social worker) or trying to find a position that puts me in a position of leadership (which I don’t really have the qualifications for yet). The former is a step back and major wage decrease (try 50%) and the latter I can build up the qualifications for with time, or by studying it (which I actually wouldn’t mind doing, despite me being so utterly tired of school), but I’m not sure I’m in right position in life to do that, especially as I’m still haven’t given up the idea of me some day getting my one-year masters degree that I’m half way through.

I’m basically back in the position that I was in right out of college. Granted, I now have a few more qualifications, but those qualifications are so specific and not enough. I know I’ll get to that point one day when I have enough qualifications to actually look for work that I find interesting and actually be a viable choice. Not saying that work will thrown at me, just that I hopefully will know were I stand in the job market. Both considering my interests and my bipolarity. Hopefully. 


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