Been up too long, waiting for the crash

This lovely lady posted a comment on my former blogpost and seeing as how she “got” me, I just had to check out her page as well. I wasn’t disappointed. Every single word and sentence (and the manic-like way of writing) describes an “up”. It’s nice to recognise what someone else has written rather than always have to try and explain it to others all the time.


Does it make me pessimistic or realistic? We added a third medication to my mix about 5 weeks ago and unlike any anti D before it, this one picked me up almost instantaneously, I’ve been good and ‘up’ for five weeks now and because i’m bipolar, i’m waiting for the other shoe to drop and to turn into the miserable anxious git that i am when i’m down.

I’ve truly been amazed at my mood the last five weeks, i’ve been more patient, i’ve been writing so much, i’ve been more kind and loving, been having regular sex! once a week may not seem like a lot to most but after 12 years and the bipolar, i’ve had more sex in the last five weeks than i think i had collectively last year (my poor husband, he’s so patient).

I’ve started exercising again, been doing a couple of miles around…

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