I started writing this four days ago and have been struggling with it since. Because of motivation…

As is typical for me, I have an idea I think has potential only to loose interest after awhile, meaning that I also loose the motivation to actually follow through on it. I can’t really say that I don’t have anything to write about because I’ve listed a few ideas for the days when I happen to lack creativity. I guess it’s because I know that I’m a bit flaky thanks to my moods. I guess everyone has such periods, but it seems to me that truly everything becomes a long term project for me. It’s typical for bipolars isn’t it? Lots of ideas, difficult to follow through.

Funny how my boss (whom will no longer be my boss when I come back from vacation), just yesterday, was praising me for a job well done and mentioned that seeing my projects through was one of my strengths. I guess it’s all about using ones “issues” to ones advantage. Basically bipolar enough to come with ideas and projects (and with a boss that lets me do so), combined with just enough outer pressure to get it done.

In regards to the book, I guess I I should let it take it’s time, and then ones I’ve written a few chapters see if anyone would be interested in taking it on? That way I get some outer pressure. Don’t know if that’s even a possibility. It’s an idea anyway, like most of them are.


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