For the past few days I’ve been feeling very unimpressed by my life… Hmm that’s probably the wrong way to put it. I mean that I’m not liking the person I’ve been the past few days. I’m eating too much, I’ve lost good habits, I’m not spontaneous enough, I’m uninvolved at work, I’m tired, I’m bored.

I guess the correct sentence is that I’m unimpressed by me.

Hmm.. Maybe that’s not quite true either…

Something in my environment is making me feel like I’m not good enough as is, as well as me not treating my body quite well enough.

Anyway, I’m having motivational issues because I just can’t seem to gather enough “fun-happy-joy” feelings to actually do something productive. Just the thought of it makes me tired, making me inactive, making me sleepy.

Bad circle that.


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