Hello my name is bullshitter

I remember going to bed last night thinking that I actually did have some reflection or other that I wanted to write about, but being too lazy to do and it “because it was so late” once I got home anyway. The first may have been the truth, but no way was the the second one. Which kind of gets me to today’s topic; I’ve realised that I’m a total bullshitter. I don’t mean to be and it may not to be bullshit right at that time that I say it, but with close to multi-personality thing I’ve got going on with my moods (there are three stages, with variations in between), that which I say is only the truth for so long. If I’d have the same discussion again in another mood (which, lets face it, there’s a high probability of) then there’s a good chance that I’ll say the complete opposite. The reason it becomes such bullshitter warning to it, is that philosophise and have deep discussions and act like I’ve found the answer to all the secrets of the world (which is itself very bullshitter-like). I don’t know, I just feel like I alienate people. Or at least the majority of people. There are people I’ve met who like to speak and philosophise just for the sake of having a good conversation, but they are few and far between. Or maybe I need to learn to get to know people before I get engrossed in those kinds of questions.

I also need to get better at asking questions.


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