Truth or dare (or maybe a bit of both?)

Funny thing I’ve read; apparently there’s one thing that the American “extreme left” and the American extreme right have in common, they are both the ones to more often than others to decide to not have a TV, which I thought was pretty funny (I’d be what Americans call extreme left, and what Swedes call center).

None the less, that’s not what I wanted to write about today. I actually found out something else as well you see. I work with caregivers (pretty natural since I think they’re so important), and a part of my job is to help and support people who indirectly work with caregivers so that the working environment can become better, and so caregivers can be more relaxed. This sometimes means being part of personnel trainings, of which I’ve been busy with the past two days. Having worked with the the teacher (the inofficial caregiver expert of Sweden) before, we have gotten to know each other quite well, and when I told her that I wished to write a book about the importance of caregivers and family, and how I, as a highly functional bipolar person has been able to do so well, without having to gone down a downward spiral that often seems to be the case. She got intrigued, and thought it an important thing to write about. She also told me about a group of people who called themselves the 95’ers because they considered themselves 95% healthy.

After having talked her, I again thought that this is a challenge I really need to finish, and talking with her I remembered what my original idea was, and how I should move forward. Most of all though, I realised that I really needed to speak more openly about this, so that I can continue getting more ideas and get advice along the way that could be useful. The book is after all supposed to be a collection of my own experiences, and what I’ve found out through research and I can never properly do that if I keep it as my little secret.

Basically, I need to dare to say openly about the fact that yes, I want to write a book and stand for it, instead of feeling self conscious because I think it might sound silly to others, or because people might think that it’s a manic thing (or worse, that it is a manic thing and I’ve ended up talking about, only to never finish it.)


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