In true diary form

Well I sort of got a day of peace yesterday. We ended up leaving our travelling bag in the train when we went to B’s parents’ place which was annoying, but a result of being as forgetful and all-over-the-place person as I am, linked with having moved a lot during my whole life, I don’t put that much value into material things. Honestly, the only thing that made me freak out was that my mood pills was in that bags, as that would leave me having to restart the whole process of taking the pills. Back to 25mg and up to 200mg in 5 weeks. Seeing as how I felt the past few days, and how asexual it felt, I just couldn’t bear to go back to fluctuating the way I’d done the past half year, even for just a few weeks. Luckily, I found just enough tablets to last me a one-night stay, which is what this was.

So, besides those pills, it’s no big deal, even of its highly annoying. The rest of the day was quite calm, touching up the old apartment in the attempt to make it sellable, having lunch at the old cafe/bistro we love and miss, and a very quiet evening with the in-laws (when the whole family isn’t gathered its like coming to the summer house get-away). I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow when we got there and I slept like a baby when we settled in for the night.

Wish I had one more day to enjoy the weekend!


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