Oh bed, where art thou?

Today is not a good day. Was supposed to run in the morning before work (I really need to get started with this if I’m to the Malmö mile in two weeks) but I just couldn’t get up. I just kept snoozing for as long as possible to finally get out of bed two hours and that was just thanks to my boss and I having a meeting. Then I thought, maybe I can go home after that meeting, but looked at the calendar and realised I’ve got two other things I need to be at work for.

Gods am I tired today. Have been for the past few days. I thought at first that it was stress, but more and more I’m thinking that it’s all in my head. Having to go to work isn’t in itself what stresses me out. In some ways it’s good because it gets me out of bed and gives me routine to my days which is so important for people like me, but today I really want a day off from all my responsibilities, and I really regret signing up for the Malmö mile, feels like it took the fun out of running because now it’s “have to” which I don’t like because I’m nowhere close to feeling like I’m physically ready for it.

So tired.


2 thoughts on “Oh bed, where art thou?

  1. Om Malmömilen inte blir något du ser fram emot, så kan du gärna strunta i att delta! Det är viktigare att din vardag blir dräglig, då du är nere.

    1. Fast det kostade lite under 300kr för att skriva upp sig och jag har varvat två vänner som ska vara med (fastän att en mil är ingenting för dem)…

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