My family, exposed

It’s a funny thing about blogs, my hubby has one, and my dad has one. In both cases I feel like I’ve gotten to know them better through their blogs. Not to generalise, but men don’t express themselves very much, at least, that’s the case with the two most important men in my life (maybe I should take that as A hint that I talk to much?).

In the case of nu husband for example, I was surprised to notice that some of the things I say or mention on passing has actually been heard, or that something I’ve tweeted about has actually been reflected on. Both him and I are very opinionated, and I guess we both voice our opinion more often when we don’t agree about something. Maybe because when we agree, there’s no discussion to be had.

In the case of my father the situation is completely different. Him and I have loong conversations so there’s no question about my thoughts and opinions being heard. My parents and I meet perhaps two times a year thanks to the fact that we don’t live in the same part of the country half the year, and not the same continent the other half of the year. As such those very long conversations are all we get. I love them, but then it’s mostly about things surrounding the family (and yes, admittedly about me). Through my fathers blog though, I get little hints here and about what he really cares about, even if he doesn’t talk about it so much with my mum and me because he knows the interest just isn’t there. Or things about his past that he thinks about as he’s going about doing his things. These little snippets are amazing to me because he started blogging I always felt like I knew absolutely nothing about his life before me, but never known what questions to ask!

As for my blog, my father tells me often how valuable they are for him to know what state of mind I’m in so that he doesn’t need to worry, even if its been awhile since we talked and he’s not around.

So yes, having a blog can be very exposing, but in the case of my family, the only person missing is my mum, and she’s the journalist who used to write short stories, so I can only imagine what remarkable things I would get out of hers!


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