Relax? What is this word?


Today is the first day since moving to Malmo that I can just sit and relax, without feeling like there’s something I need to take care of. My knee is also better and the sun is shining. It’s all good! I am however very tired, and very badly in need for some rest. So badly in fact, that there’s a serious risk that I might be falling into a depression soon if I don’t get some rest. The question is, how does one relax? It’s never been anything I’ve ever been good at. Relaxing means brainless activity (ie watching series) but I really wanted to stay away from watching them as much as possible, because I know how passive I get from doing so. Instead of relaxing I basically get stuck feeling bored and uninterested in doing anything other than just sitting and watching series. In fact, I figured that I should take advantage of this feeling of change and leave bad habits behind me, in Helsingborg (for as long as possible, as I said).

As I write the above I got an sms from my hubby wondering if I wanted to meet him and a few acquaintances at a bar not too far. I went there, hung out a bit and left before I started feeling more out of place than I usually do in that crowd. Nice crowd, but they’re B’s crowd. On the way home I passed a sceptics club who I knew was hanging out at another bar and as I still hadn’t had dinner at this point I joined them, had dinner, and then went home. Which is where I am now. So, I ended up having a pleasant evening, relaxed, but did something. I think I just figured it out!


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