why all this talk of pills?

I had a discussion yesterday with a woman I’ve for a while now thought to be bipolar, just like me (as in got it, but can learn to deal with it as long as worldly matters don’t get way too stressful. The difference is, this woman is just starting to open up to the idea that she could have some kind of psychological issues. She comes from a culture where medication, in either it’s ayurvedic or scientific form, is the answer to most ails. She also asked me what the name of the pills I’m taking is, as she might be interested in taking them, and thought immediately about the post I wrote a few days ago; pills won’t have it’s intended effect, if just taken on it’s own. What they do is make it simpler to take the necessary steps to check ones moods. Take more, and I think one would just end up getting numb, having difficulty in feeling anything at all, which I’m not sure is much better. But that’s me. I’m sure that many out there just don’t have the choice but take that amount to manage.

Anyway, that wasn’t what I was thinking about writing about today, but it seems that whatever it was I intended to write about today has completely slipped my mind! ‘TIll next time.


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