A home to love

My gosh, my legs are killing me today. We’re almost done packing though, and I’m loving this place. B has his own office space (we used to share a space, despite me not using my space since I finished college), which is awesome for him because he works from home and having a room that is solely for his work makes it possible for him to focus (at least, that’s the idea). We also have a proper door to the bedroom (instead of some drapery that separated the bedroom from the living room), which is awesome for me seeing as I’m super sensitive to sounds when I want to fall asleep. Goodness all around!

Although we’ve moved from a two-room apartment to a three-room apartment, we have less storage space, which means that we have to use the storage space very effectively (to clarify by the way, we Swedes include the living room into the room count. I.e. a bedroom and a living room is a two-room apartment). The building’s also from the 50’s, meaning that the kitchen spaces are spread out in a way that we’re really unused to, forcing us to rethink the way we organise our “stuff”. Situations that make us think though, also make one reflect on things we otherwise would just be taking for granted, so I would say that’s just positive.

Ok, so onto the things I really love about the place; The kitchen, bathroom, and balcony are smaller (which I actually enjoy), and the bedroom, living room, and closet space are bigger (which I absolutely love). Since B and I don’t like to gather stuff that just gather dust and don’t have any practical use (not counting paintings and photos), it feels like we have great open spaces, and because the windows are placed to catch both sun up and sun down (and is on the 5th floor), the apartment catches the light in all the right ways.

So anyway, today I’ve gotten up 15 minutes later, but getting to work about 45 min earlier, and will be back home about 2 hours earlier (thanks to starting earlier, and a 25 min ride home, instead of a 45 min one).

The weekend passed too quickly for me to want to go to work, but the way to work I will love, thanks to it being the first time I’ll be able to enjoy all these wonderful changes to my daily routine!


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