New place, awesome friends

Wow, I hadn’t realised how long my last post was. Because I write my blogposts using my phone, I don’t really get a feel for how much I’m writing! There’s more to be said as well (I guess there’s a reason for why I want to write a book about it), but since I was going to try and avoid writing super long posts like the last one I am, as you’ve surely noticed, trying to divide it up as best as possible, and in my own speed, meaning that the explanations and descriptions won’t come right after one another. So, you can breath out because I’m way too worn out today to talk deep.

Why you ask? Because we’ve finally moved to our new apartment! Whatever training I missed out because of my being sick, I think I regained during the move. By the time we went to bed our feet were killing us and our legs were weak. As I told B, being on our feet almost all day like we did, reminded me of the days I worked as a waitress, and how good it felt to come home and put the pressure of my feet. Nowadays B and I both have office jobs, so our feet are just not used to it anymore.

Today, my shoulders also feel like I’ve had the most effective training one can ask for, but we had awesome help yesterday. As my brother-in-law said, that was the quickest and most effective move I’ve ever been part off, despite it this time being between two different cities (1,5h to load, 1,5h to unload). In fact, I think that because it went to quickly, everybody even stayed behind to help us put all the furniture back together. I absolutely love and adore my friends and family as of yesterday.



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