Church and all that

I think my husband is enjoying the fact that I’ve lost my voice (thanks to my cold) a little too much. Well, it isn’t completely lost, but strained for sure. Funny how the body finally feels fine, but the voice can be messed up, so I still can’t go to work either way. Gives me time to pack I guess.

So, found a church group who’ll actually come and get all the stuff we want to get rid off. Sweet. I’m agnostic, but these are the times I’m so happy that there are altruistic groups out there (of which many happen to be religious). I have nothing against religion, some people need it and I’m glad they have something to believe I. When nothing else seems to make sense. My only worry with it is when it gets mixed up in education or politics. Like when religion is used in the name of hypocrisy, or denying the equal right of another group of people. It’s a private thing and should stay that way.

Anyway, I digress. This time I’m very happy about the existence of the church! Let’s hope they’re interested in our stuff.



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