Bored of packing


Slowly but surely we’re getting closer to the day that we move to our new apartment. Both me and B love change so, despite it going on waves, both of us are very ready for this move. If nothing else, we’re very ready to be done with all this packing! I don’t have much energy to be packing seek g as I have a cold, but in a way it good that I got sick, because I get the time to pack (lost my voice today so couldn’t have gone to work today even if I wanted to!)

Since neither of us like having too much stuff in the apartment, it’s pretty easy packing though. We’ve both also realised a silver lining of all this packing; rinsing out all the stuff that we don’t want or need. Now, both B and I prefer to reuse and fix, and live pragmatically, rather than buy new stuff, but there’s a lot of junk from the days when we both just couldn’t be bothered to go through that box of stuff that’s just gathering dust (you know which one I mean) and decided to properly get rid of it this time. Preferably by giving it away to whoever or whatever that will take them, but figuring out who would want what is a little of a conundrum, especially when you don’t have a car and thus don’t want to go to many different places to get rid of them. There’s a church nearby but they’re only open between 11-13. You know, right smack in the period when no one ever has any time, so in this case, I think laziness will probably trump goodwill I’m sorry to say. (Kicking myself as I’m saying it). Either way, it’s going to be sweet to get of all the junk and truly start living pragmatically, at least more than we are now.

Back to work!


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