Sick and rambling

Some time ago, I don’t remember when, I remember that someone ones told me that very often, the people on top are bipolar. According to this person, people with bipolarity are also very intelligent (something about the brain working in high speeds and with a lot of clarity when manic). They’re the one with the drive and they’re the ones who have the give all attitude that make or break a company. I laughed and said that I highly doubted it, as the depressions would cause the boss to become m.i.a., making holding meetings and so forth impossible to uphold. The answer? “That’s what the assistant is for!” They become the front figure, making excuses and holding calls for long enough for the depression to pass. My reaction? You know it, I want to become a boss and get an assistant (poor little sod of an assistant if I ever got one).

In all seriousness though, for about 4 months (right up until the SF trip) I had an apprentice. When she actually turned up at the office (which was for a total of about 2 months), I got a little taste what having an assistant would be like (yes, I know, she wasn’t actually my assistant, I said “taste” didn’t I?), and realised that if nothing else, the part about an assistant could actually be true. So, what’s my future dream job? Anything that gives me an assistant! (I wish.)

Eh, anyway, a little of a ramble today (I’m sick, what do you expect?)

I leave you with these:

Stephen Fry – The secret life of the manic depressive Part 1

Stephen Fry – The secret life of the manic depressive Part 2


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