Pretty average

So writing every day while in SF didn’t go so well. But then again, writing every day hasn’t worked in general. I guess it just seems so pathetically diary-like. Like something a hormonal teenager would own; “Today I went to school and saw xx, he was so cute! I got embarrassed. Then when I got home, my mom was at me again. God, she’s so ANNOYING”… Or something like that anyway. Plus I just seems to get so repetitive. Feeling about friends, feelings about feelings, etc etc.

But then again, writing in Diary-form might be exactly what I need. I don’t know.

So, what’s the latest? Well, in two weeks Bjorn and I are moving out, and my mum is going to try and sell the apartment. Will be nice as travelling will get so much easier because no changing of trains will be necessary, and we’ll both be able to get a better routine into our lives because we’re closer to work, but typically, feels like I have friends again, making me a little nostalgic to leave, but if we’re going to be honest, it’s not like we meet them often enough to stay as everyone has they’re own thing going on, and when it does happen, it’s not like we’re so far away that we can’t come back to meet up with them.

Yeah, I think, this will be good for us. At least for me. I’m looking forward to moving to a bigger city, to having choices in things to do, to be able to sign up for more activities, getting to know more people (hopefully that’s the consequence of signing myself for the activities), more time in the evenings to eat at a normal time and still be able to train, have more options in regard to food (both when eating out, and at the stores)… You get my meaning. The list is endless, and still Helsingborg will be close enough for visits and hanging at the beach. Pretty good deal I would say.


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