Happy, excited about life, and content

The more I get to know Malmö, the more I’m falling in love with it. Today I met another colleague after work, who showed me an awesome little italian place that I just have to try out, and a café that I think that I’ll be returning to. At least when it starts getting warmer again. But then again, I’ve been introduced to so many good places for each time that I’m over there, that I’m going to end up poor as dirt if I’m going to take the time to go to all of them!

Well anyway, whats more fascinating is how I obviously have so much more energy to actually be the person that I want to be lately. Taking the initiative to get to know new people, finding it enjoyable to hang out with them and actually finding them interesting, and doing things in general without feeling like each attempt at doing something enjoyable might (and most often will) completely drain me for weeks. My shakes are gone, and once I notice (or someone who knows me points out) that I’m getting worked up, I can cool myself down quite quickly.

How has all this happened? Is it because it’s lighter outside? It is because it’s just a phase? Or is it the tablets that’s helping me out? I hope it’s the last one, because that means that it’s controllable, more so than I even thought possible!

Here’s to hoping!


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