Glad that I dared

Not really in the mood to reflect today, but I can say one thing. I’m very glad I shared my mental issues with my boss, no secrets, and we can boss speak lightly in matters surrounding it, because we know where we have each other.

Like today I was telling him that I had started a converation with another boss to get something that him and I had been talking about started and mentioned that I might have left it a little badly though, and he asked me why I thought so. I mumbled that I might have been a little bossy in the e-mail and his reply was (with a smile I might add) “är du igång nu igen?”. Which meant that we could smile a little about it, while letting him know where I’m at, at the moment. Very nice.

Tomorrow I double my dosage again, so halfway to the goal (200g/day by wednesday next week).


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