I’ve come to realise that I am addicted to eating. But there’s a problem in kicking a bad habit that has to do with food, because the other times I’ve quit something my goal has “simply” been to kick it all together, I’m an all or nothing kind of girl I guess. Not that I’ve quit any bad habit all together in just one day or anything like that, but that is goal that I work towards, which means that I start by quitting it all together a few days and then do it for a few days, and then the next time I quit it lasts a little longer before I over do it again, and then so on, until I’ve given it up all together.

It’s not quite possible to do that with food, is it? Well, of course, anything can be done, but it’s obviously not recommended. This idea of doing something at a balanced level, just doesn’t exist in my mind.

So how to quit eating the way I do? Well, I’ve started chewing gum for now, instead of getting something to actually eat. Let’s see if that works for a bit. I’m also really looking forward to moving to Malmö, and thus getting closer to work. Maybe then it’ll get harder to make excuses not to train, and easier to eat at times that are much better for my body.

I wish, I wish that Björn took more care to eat at regular times and such as well… Maybe I can ask him if he would be upp for it when we move, for us to just get to it and fix food when we get home, instead of relaxing before dinner. Fixing food first, after all, makes more time for us to be able to do whatever we want after, and it’s better for our stomachs as the food will have had the chance to digest then.

Better all around!


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