Turns out that we got the apartment we wanted *yay!*

We move in, in the middle of may, so it’ll be a good present for my birthday. We got what we wanted all around, with a three room apartment, right in the mesh of things, for a doable rent. That it on top of that also is an apartment with old style details from the 50’s and on the 5th floor, isn’t exactly anything that I can complain about.

Also had fika”date” with a colleague from work today. We’ve been talking about it for a half-year so it was high time for it to finally happen! Another plus is that we actually had very good time. Time passed us both faster than we both imagined I think.

So, all around a good-news-day it seems! You know what the amazing part is? None of this got me manic, even if there have been multiple situations today; from a meeting I had this morning that got me going, to conversation I got myself into with Björns colleagues (the fact that I was surrounded by new people heightened the chances all by itself), to me getting the apartment and having a good time with a possible new friend.

No shaking, no heart about to jump out of my chest. Maybe my tablets are starting to do it’s magic? Or am I finding cures where there are none? I’ll have to meet my doctor when I meet her on Friday.


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