Was content, now tired and irritable

Funny how I was just thinking today that I seem to have my manias and downs under control now, and wondering if it was thanks to the tablet, but then immediately after thinking that I’m not even at half the dosage that I’m supposed to be taking, so could it really…?

The truth, I think I’m somewhere in between. I think it has been easier to control my moods, and be more content with everything, but I do think that I’m getting a little manic now, because I don’t want to sleep because “I’ll be fine, I don’t need that much sleep” and I’m just getting more and more tired. Probably doesn’t help that I’m doing overtime at work, because I want so badly not to have a pile of things to do when I get back from San Francisco and I want to do everything I *do* do as good as it possinly can be. I want to plan ahead as much as I can so that I don’t need to worry about anything biting my ass after.

Just writing down all of that, I’m noticing that I probably was more manic than I realised, meaning that I should probably stop doing overtime, and just go to bed on time. Gah, life is boring sometimes!


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