Was content, now irritable

Why I’m irritable you ask? Good question, because I have no idea. Everything Björn does grates me now, and has ever since I got home. Maybe it has to do with that I was so social earlier, that I finally just wanted some space and alone time once I got home, and instead it felt like I got a husband with an attitude and when that wasn’t the case, he wanted to cuddle and do something together.

I don’t of course know if that’s actually what put me on edge, but that’s what it felt like and since coming home I’ve just felt my body slowly getting more and more tense and my self getting more and more discontent. I also noticed that the more series the more discontent I got. Did I stop? No. So, I’ll just have to blame myself there.

Finally I’m wondering if it’s the fact that I’m not getting to munch the way I’m used to doing? Usually, if I’m feeling sad, angry, frustrated, or generally anything that isn’t happy and content, I eat. Food makes me feel better (at least until I realise what I’ve just done and then end up feeling fatty and disgusting, as well as disappointed in myself. Since last week, Björn is helping keep my munching and snacking under control, which in turn of course means that I don’t get my “security blanket” and I lash out like a little child.

Is that what it is? Me reacting to not getting my comfort blanket, ie food? Then it’s really time to quit eating the way I’m used to.


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