content and almost manic

Strange how it can go months without me meeting any friends and feeling like I have none, to all of a sudden having hade an evening with friends playing rockband, had a “fika” with a friend just this weekend, fika with a colleague I’ve just gotten to know after work yesterday (and planning to have a double date with each other one of the coming weeks before my vacation), and going on a double date next week to go bowling, and trying to find the time to fika with another colleague before my vacation (we’ve been trying since summer, but this is the first time we’ve made a “due date” to it), and finally, in three weeks we’re off to San Francisco to meet an old friend from my high school days.

When we get back it’s not exactly going to let up either, because my dad’s coming by a couple of days after we’re back in Sweden to drop off his stuff before going off on a 4-day bicycle trip in Denmark, while I go off to a day day seminar. The first weekend after the trip my dad will spend the weekend with us, and I’m guessing that we then will also take the chance to gather both Björns family for dinner while he’s here.

Puh, I’m getting tired just thinking of it, and all the work I have to take care off right before and after the vacation and everything else going on! Honetly though, everything just feels so good right now. A little bit on the manic side, so can’t get too excited. but none the less, life is good!

Now I just need to get over this constant feeling of being tired. Considering that I think that I’m feeling this way thanks to the tablets that I’m now taking, I doubt it will get better though, especially considering I’m supposed to double my dose starting tomorrow (and then two times more within a month). I think, that if I notice myself getting even more tired when I now double it, I’m going to bring it up with my doctor.

Actually just talking about it got me in the mood to go running… Hmm…


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