A day to do without

Today is one of those days that I would much rather be without. A day that makes me feel like life just isn’t worth it, and I wish it would all just be over. I’m just going to (or probably already am) fucking up. Who the hell am I kidding with the thought that I can make any changes and what the hell is the point, with both me and everything else around me, when there are others that could do everything I do, so very much better?

Fuck it. Glad I’m working from home tomorrow.

I didn’t even get any training done today and instead gorged in food and bakeries, so I’m a fuck up in so many more ways than one. Also, why the hell can’t I get my munchies in order?? I was so good when I just got back. I had so much motivation, I was eating well, etc etc… and now, I’m just bloating up, I’m feeding all my sugar and food needs, and I’m not even working out regularly to make up for it. As I said. Totally pointless. Wouldn’t make a difference if I just offed myself.


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