Learning to breath

Feels like I’m writing the same thing over and over again. Life is good. It doesn’t feel like a high, but just like a regular feel-good moment, but it’s lasted so long I’m starting to wonder. There *are* a lot of ideas going on in my head that I probably don’t have time for, I *do* have very strong opinions, and I *am* talking a lot and very quickly at times. But I wonder, is it bad to have many ideas? Is it bad to have strong opinions, if I at the same time also say I don’t necessarily think that I’m right, it’s just my opinion? As for the talking… I guess that’s the clue that I should calm down.

I think that the reason why I generally good though, is because I try really hard not to live up to some standard that I think I other are holding me by. I’m not trying to figure out what people think of. I don’t have to be as awesome and as “everywhere” as I feel that the people that I get impressed by seem to be.

But then again, it’s easy to feel that way when life feels good.


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