The vicious cycle of being manic

Tough day today, if one can say that about the days that a slightly manic. My heart has been at my throat for most of the day and I’ve made situations into something that they aren’t at work. Nothing major, thankfully, but I jumped to a conclusion regarding a project at work, thinking that a koordinator at work wanted to know how long I’d be at the job because they wanted to give me a job when this job was done, when she just wanted to include me into a workshop as part of the existing job and needed to know how long I would be there, as it otherwise would be pointless to include me in it. Ah well, misunderstandings are just a part of life, so it’s no big deal. It does however show how I jump to “awesome” conclusions when I’m being hypomanic, instead of just seeing it for what it is.

So what got me all manic-like today? A discussion I had with my boss, where I felt that I was just blabbering, and the more self-conscious I got about the more I blabbered. Vicious cycle that. Either way, after that conversation I just had to keep breathing to try and calm myself down for the rest of the day, only to just want to be lazy and watch series as soon as I got home. A good thing about me using the iPad as much I do now a days is that after watching my series I just turn off the computer because everything else I can just use the iPad for (and nothing else). Having it turned off makes it much more final and thus I start finding other things to do. Today, that meant training, which I had given up on when I came home. So yay for that, because I’m really starting to feel like a little fatty again.


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