Newest mantra

Funny how one can have a good day, all the goodness just doesn’t amount. I’m feeling irritable since coming home, so despite having a good day at work where I actually got quite a lot done, I’m going to bed slightly annoyed and feeling fat. I got a fatty sandwich from Espresso House when I could’ve just gotten a bag of nuts to still my hunger. I bought a piece of chocolate (a small one but still), when I know that I eat too much candy and snacks now a days, and I had made up my mind yesterday that I was supposed to train today, but I made some excuse or other to not do so today once I got home.

This is why I should just do, instead of think I should make up my mind already the day before, and just go for it. As soon as I stray from my plans, everything else fails in a domino effect. Granted, I can’t plan everything all the time (life would just be boring then), but I should at least have some kind of mantra that I can repeat to myself when I can’t stick to my plan. Maybe something like “Will I regret it? Then don’t do it”. I think that’s the one actually. Will try it out.


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