Training myself towards happiness

As is probably noticeable from yesterdays post, I’ve started feeling like I need a little motivational push to start getting activated again. I don’t mind unwinding, as long as I don’t start feeling listless, apathetic and bored, which is how I was starting to feel.

Anyway, so last night after righting post of the day I found a new bundle of motivational quotes and sayings to pep myself up with and read a few lines about how to wake up full of energy, and about how overeating and how to withstand it, as well as downloaded an application to help me meditate for 5 min. And just to really feel like I was on the right track, I decided to do the first quiz in the (very easy-going) online philosophy course I’m taking (somewhere in the back of my head I think I was refusing to do it, because I was worried that I would fail and then stopped listening to the weekly online lectures at the same time because I didn’t want the new information to overtake the old, which that quiz was about, in essense creating a bad cycle). I passed of course, because it is, as I said, a very easy-going course (I shouldn’t have been so worried).

So, today I made sure to wake up with a smile, and drink water (apparantly that gives more positive energy), went for a long run (i.e. didn’t allow myself to make any excuses), fixed the sofa cover (the cats we had two years ago destroyed one of it’s corners and I realised about a month back that this is something I can probably fix now that I’ve taken up low-level sowing), got some more work done (the consequence of my apathy is that I only got 2 hours of work done the day I was supposed to work from home, resulting in me having minus amount of hours to use for when I need it), answered all the mail, got some stuff done with the HVB (Refugee home) project, and finally sorted out the issue with my google calender not syncing the way I wanted it to (I don’t know *why* it works now, but it does, so I’m happy!). So all in all, it’s been a good day. I still feel like I’ve had a totally pointless weekend, but at least I ended it well… hopefully.

Now, to sleep! (Just got to remember to wake up with a smile again tomorrow. 😉 )


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