The art of convincing myself

No quotes or pictures today: I’m all run out… sort of. The last one left is nothing usable yet.

Today is the first day in a long time where I didn’t have stuff that needed to be done in my to-do list at work flashing read. My reaction? “So this is what it feels like to be able to breath!” In all honestly though, lets hope this lasts, at least for a little bit!

Tonight I “meet” two people I’m working with in one of the projects I’m part of. I’m constantly feeling like this might just end up going to hell. Partially because I’m still not really sure what they want from me. We’ll see how it goes. What I have noticed though, is that while I’m calling around to build knowledge regarding the project (I tell the people I talk to that trying to find information because I’m prepping for my next research paper for my one-year masters program), is that I actually want to start studying again… and that the lie I’m telling people to gain knowledge, doesn’t necessarily have to be more than a white lie, because I’m starting to find the subject really interesting. Funny how that is. It’s the same thing when I’m applying for work that I don’t necessarily want from the start. In the process of writing a letter where I’m to convince the recruiter that I’m the one for the job, I quite often end up feeling like that job I didn’t really want, would be the perfect job for me! I really need to find a way to use that to my advantage.


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