Not sure what to write about today. Feel good, and after yesterdays post I feel like I’ve figured something out, which is a pretty big part of it I think. Funny how something like that can ease the soul so well. Todays rating, is as you can see 4.5 which means that I need to be careful to not get in a better mood, which is hard when I feel like everything is so good.

Work is stressful, but it’s going in the right direction, which means that it’s getting a little bit less stressful for each week (that is, if I don’t start biting of more than I can swallow again)

Friendship puzzle feels a little bit closer to being solved

Medication I’m feeling very restless about, because I am the way I am, meaning that ones I’ve decided about something I just want to jump in and run with it.

Projects are going well. Almost too well in fact, as I want to sit with those instead of with the job I’m actually getting payed for to do.

Speaking of work and projects… I’m actually more and more hoping that I won’t get a full time job, as my next job. (Although I admit that if I don’t get some kind of continuation of this job I’ll get sorely disappointed, but that has more to do with my pride than anything else). Partially I feel this way because I want to finish off my studies and a job at max 50% would be the perfect solution to this. I get to eat the cake and keep it so to say.

Economy will soon be quite good because Björn will sign a 4 month contract tomorrow and has a few other deals that I think will work out.

And finally, there is the thing about finding an apartment… now that Björn will be getting a proper income for a few months it’ll make it easier to find an apartment and we’re taking a look at an apartment on Thursday. So we’ll see how that goes.

All in all life is good, even if I feel like I’m still just walking “towards” something, and being as restless as I am I just want to be “there” already, wherever that may be. But I guess there’s never really a “there” to be had, is there? Once one reaches the end of the road, there’s a new road and new adventure. It’s a little tiring to think of it that way, but then again, isn’t it more fun to know that one is one the way somewhere, rather than just starting something with no clue of the where and the how? At least now I’ve chosen a path and I can enjoy the adventure that taking the chosen road implies.


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