Back on track

Seems like I finally found a path back from the thorn bush I’ve been crawling through during the past few months. Guess I really needed the vacation. It’s made me realise many things, one of which is that I really enjoy smiling. Coming back up from the gloom I’m also realising why I have the kinds of friends I do. They may not be my best mates or anything, and thus aren’t always around, but they’re there to welcome me back to the living when I resurface, so I’m not alone, even if it has truly felt that way for so many months. However, these past few months also made me realise that I’m badly in need of true friends, that I feel have time for me, maybe not always, because I realise that would be impossible, but friends who at least try and make the time for me. I even though I love having such an eclectic mix of friends, I really need to find people who make me feel like I belong, and where we can be somewhat like-minded. That’s my project right now.

I think that the above is also the reason why I’m so looking forward to moving to Malmö, which is the plan for 2013. Both Björn and I want to move to Malmö. For me it’s as much to escape the old, the place where I feel lonely, as much as it is to move towards the new, to the variety of people where I can hopefully find some like-minded people. It might be wishful thinking, but even if I don’t find friends with whom I can belong with, I’ll at least get closer to work! (20 min, instead of 1h and 20 min).

As usual, I look into the new year with a lot of expectations, so lets hope I don’t wind myself up just to get all down and out again!


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