Lots of love

My dad came to Sweden to celebrate Christmas with Björn’s family and myself. A first for him, and something he really seemed to enjoy; he looked like a giddy little kid at some points of the evening! I’m glad, seeing as my mum, who’s spent Christmas with Björn’s family a few years ago had apparently imbued him with so many expectations if how pleasant it could be.

It’s getting painfully obvious however, that my dear, sweet dad is getting old. It’s a fact if life, of course, that it would happen, and he is 71 after all. That my superman of a dad should ever be anything other than the superman that he has always been to me however, just doesn’t fit the half snoozing man that the above photo shows. I say this not so much with sadness though, as much as I say this with note of realization.

Either way, I hope that I can be the patient and loving daughter he deserves, as he continues his path towards old age and all of that which it quite naturally entails!

Merry Christmas!


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