Either it’s wise or sheer stupidity

I told my boss about my apparent bipolarism. I still haven’t quite figured out if that is what I got because I starting to wonder a little bit about borderline personality, but at some point one has to wonder if I’m just looking for a psychological sickness that I can define myself under, which I guess, is a psychological sickness in itself!

Anyway, I don’t know if this was the right choice to make, and I do regret a little bit, but it was an idea I had gotten into my head and ones an idea takes root in my head like that one did, it’s difficult for my to see any other outcome. Probably the reason for why I work so bad in groups, but why I’m so good at structuring and dealing with (short-term) goals. Hopefully, this won’t bite me in the ass, and to be honest, I do try to keep a policy of honesty with my boss, so this might be a good thing for him to know, but like I said, I still waiting to see what the outcome of my action will be. The swedish saying “ha is i magen” is probably a good thing to follow right now!


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