The proud wife

Björns last week at work and he’s already signed his first job! Well, it hasn’t been officially signed yet, as he first needs to actually start the company, which he’s doing as I write this. Even so, the company has made the offer, and Björn has accepted. “All” that’s missing is the contract and for Björn to register the company. 😉 Proud of him none the less.

I noticed something about myself today. Nothing makes me feel quite as good as dealing with a problem head on, and just getting it sorted out. I think I think, and this is just my theory, that it comes out in negative ways such as me feeling like I need to make quick decisions and pushing forward a little to much sometimes, and in a good way in the sense that I’m very organised and quite effective in my way of working. Today I also noticed that it helps me sort out a conflict that has been making me nearly reach a point of panic, because once that was dealt with , I noticed that I was finally, after two weeks, finally able to let it go. Such a good feeling.


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