What’s this thing you call… friends?

Is it strange that I have lost faith in getting friends? I have great friends in my parents and my husband and acquaintances are achieved through their friends, or though people at work, hobbies, etc. Actual friends however, are overrated.

Actually, I think the problem is that I don’t really understand how they’re made or how they’re kept. Both seem like a lot of work, which I don’t feel like putting into it unless I feel that the feelings of friendship are returned, which most often they’re not. Like I said, I don’t get friendships.

For some reason this has stopped bothering me though. Now and then I reach out and see if someone wants to get a drink with me, if they don’t then I go to AW with L (if it’s Friday), take care of things around the apartments or just hang out with Björn, and for now, that seems to be good enough. I guess I have, at least at some level, just accepted my “fate” and decided to not desperately look for friends.

Let’s see in a bit if I’m at risk of becoming a hermit, with Björn and my job as my only connection to the outside world. Poor Björn. If I loose all my social “skills” as result it’s going to be difficult for him to be able to bring me along anywhere!


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