Can’t really complain about the view on my way to work

Can’t really complain about my view as I’m about to step into the building where I work.

What a day. Funny how a day that felt great all day can end with me feeling like I may be a fuck-up because of a conversation I had with my boss, just before I went home. It’s nothing serious, just the first complaint I got, which there are bound to be as new as I am. To be honest, I’ve been getting such overwhelmingly good feedback ever since I started at this place, that it must just be good for me to get a little grounded now and then. I’m just glad I have such a good boss. There are just three things I have to make sure to keep in mind and get better at.

1. Warn people the first time I meet them that I’m a mouthful, and can get pushy, and tell them that it’s nothing to take too seriously, and there’s no ill-will behind it. They just need to tell me I’m getting ahead of myself and slow the “fuck” down. 😉
2. Women need more democracy and not so straight up what I’m thinking
3. Remember these things, so that one can calmly mention it at the next natural occasion where I meet the person that has gotten a negative impression of me that I’m really, sorry, no ill-will meant, without letting it effect me so much that it effects my self-esteem too much. Basically, let it ground me, but remember it so a sorry can be said in it’s proper time.

Anyway, there’s obviously a lot for me to learn still, socially as well as professionally!


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