Working like a… bird?

What a difference it makes to not be overburdened with things to do at work! Starting this month I have started making the effort to get up in time to start at 8 (like I’m supposed to, but haven’t been, because I have quite flexible hours at works, meaning that as long as I work the amount of hours I get payed for, and do my job, it’s ok), ending at 16.30 (instead of an hour later, due to the fact that I also used to start an hour later), not tried to do work while on the train, done my absolute best not to work more than my allotted 8 hours, and not taken on more than necessary (sometimes it can’t be helped of course, like in the end of summer because there’s always a lot to do then) so that I don’t get overfly burdened. These are all part of what it means to not overwork in general, and I guess all part of the process of knowing ones limits, and understanding that no one’s going to thank you for working yourself to the ground, getting sick and stressed (like I have been during aug-sept). I made some other changes as well though, some that might not be quite as expected but I think have helped tremendously none-the-less, because I noticed how hungry I was before lunch and dinner. So, I’ve changed it about a little. I now-a-days start my days, with a little bit of plain yoghurt. Once in Malmö (about an hour later), I go to espresso house and buy a soya-latte (that I drink on the buss to work) and a sandwich (that I save for later, and eat at around 9.30-10.30, depending on how hungry I am. Lunch I have sometime between 13-15, depending on how hungry I am, and what I have planned for the day. As a result of such a regular intake of food (could be more regular I know, but this already scheduled enough as it is thank-you-very-much), and such a late breakfast and lunch, I manage holding of my need to dinner until I get home much better, and I don’t get quite as tired. Perfect! Well, near-to anyway.

I also got some new glasses yesterday after work, especially meant for reading and sitting in front of the computer, that my job was nice enough to pay for, making my head a little less tired by the time I leave, because let’s face it, I spend a tremendous amount of time in front of the computer.

Anyway, a few steps in the right direction, which means I’m learning!

P.S. My name is also the name of a bird, hence the title of this blog.


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