Training at motivating myself to train

I really need to get started on taking care of my body issues. I mean, I’m constantly going about complaining about it, but then finding all kinds of excuses as to why I can take that extra portion, why I’m not going to take care of the training session as planned, or why I’m going to have that cookie. (The excuses are, in order, “I’m too depressed”, “I’m too tired”/”fuck it”, “it’s just one cookie”). So sad when put in the context that I’m complaining about my body, I enjoy getting myself into clothes less and less, and constantly complaining (see above excuses).

I found these four points from a website about training:
– Be patient.
– Always focus on how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go.
– Have a plan
– Become aware of your triggers & weaknesses to overcome them.n.

Be patient is something I need to learn for sure. If I’m not amazing at it from the start, or don’t the difference immediately, I loose interest immediately. So maybe I should start making one month goals instead and be really good for one month (because if you think about it, one month is nothing), and then let myself have an opinion regarding if the training I’m doing is worth it or not. One month of training three days a week and eating well, no excuses. That has got to be a valid way of going about despite my total impatience.

Now the second point is a little more difficult, because I’m so freaking goal oriented. I’m always wanting to effectively “check something off”, which doesn’t really work with training. Maybe month-wise, but that’s way too long to wait to be able to check something off.
I think I should make it easier for myself, and not set my goals so high. like have it in my to-do list that I have to have trained for example Callanetics, Nike Training Club and jogging in one week, so I can check that off, and then for next week do for example Yoga, jogging and Pilates the next. (I need variation you know, or the weekly goals will just seem repetitive and never-ending 🙂 )

The answer to the second point is also part of the answer to the third point, but I think I’ll also plan try and have the coming two weeks planned. Partially because that makes it easier to change it about a little, depending what my other plans for the week is, without it ending up with me tiring myself out. Actually, to be honest, I’ve already done this, starting next week. But I’m still sick, so not sure how I’ll solve that, other than taking a walk (boring) and doing lighter forms of yoga (also pretty boring) but maybe that’s a good way to start, to just to two lighter forms of training a week until I get better (considering that I’ve had a flu/cold for almost 6 weeks now one can wonder when that will be however). Either way, I’m meeting my doctor on Monday so I can always ask him then, how much my body can handle.

Ok. so finally, there’s the fourth point, which is the reason for why I’m writing it all down; to be able to reflect over my strengths and weaknesses, bring them to light, and put it into words. I’m just worried that I’m making it too complicated for myself, although at the same time I look forward to having something to keep my busy, because today I feel like a lazy bum as soon as I’m not at work… although at the same time, the reason why I’m not activating myself isn’t because I don’t have anything to do, I actually have quite many things to do, if I had the motivation., so that’s what it all comes down to again, isn’t it? My motivation.

I need to study so I can finish my one-year Masters (too tired after work and just craving for time off during the weekends), I need to clean out the storage room (huge project that has so many parts to it, so same excuse as above), I need to sort through all the bills that had piled up while we were in India and file them away (started a little but, to be honest, same excuse as the first) , finish the design for Britt’s tattoo that I’m designing (out of ideas so I’m just not feeling the creative surge to sit down with it), and finally all the smaller things like sowing, gluing together some kitchen wares, etc etc.

So now I’m going to add training to the mix?

Hopefully, I can find a way to actually start enjoying the process of working out, and most often than not expending energy through training gives more energy for later, so maybe it’s not a bad idea after all?

I really need to start training. There truly aren’t any arguments for not doing it. 🙂


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